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By far the best!


"I bought the Day & Night Blanchissante Cream for my mother because her skin had brown spots and in about 4 weeks her brown spots faded away. When she was invited to a friend's house they noticed how bright and beautiful she was. I then ordered 6 of the cream to give them away as gifts."

-Steven Wu



Amazing results...


​"I worked as an interior decorator and came across this brand that uses the best ingredients drawn from Switzerland natural fruit and plant extracts. The Bio Skin Repair retinol-based actually added skin volume, minimized fine lines and increased hydration. Be patient because I had to use it about 4 to 5 weeks to see results. I highly recommend the Bio Skin Repair to others, you won't be dissapointed."

-Anna Brown

Interior Decorator


I couldn't be more pleased


​"I work in a nail salon in Houston and I was introduced to this line from a friend of mine when I did a facial. I used the Renew Skin Cream which works on a cellular and genetic level of the skin for anyone suffering redness, and chemical exposure to harsh environment causing your skin to be irritated and turned red. The Renew Skin Cream calmed the redness down and moisturizes the skin. I have very sensitive skin and I was worried that the cream would be too strong for me, but it helped me out greatly and my skin is now back to normal. Thank you so much for this great product! I love it a lot."

-Judy Nguyen

Nail Technician


Absolutely beautiful


​"I was fortunate enough to try the whole product lines. I am 51 years old and I've had numerous issues with my skin primarily sagging of the neck, and brown spots on my face. The Face Firming Cream worked very well and I could feel the tensing and tightness of the skin on my neck and face instantly. I've used the  Deluxe Lighten-Whiten-Protect Emulsion and the Deluxe Serum to target the brown spots and I could see visible results within 2 weeks. This is the best product on the market so far that I was able to try after buying numerous other products that didn't work. I told some of my customers about it and where they can buy it online. I can't say enough about the products but you have to try it to believe it."    

-Charlotte Anderson

Beauty Stylist

2019 Supporting

2014 Store Opening

California Westminster Event

 JULY 2013


Yellow Magazine

May 2013 / page 8



L' Opéra Cosmetics has been featured on page 182-183 spread of Fashion Affair Magazine is an International publication designed to bring you the best in existing, new and up & coming fashion around the world. There are many designers you never see or hear about because of the insurmountable price tags associated with most publications. Fashion Affair Magazine seeks to change all of that.

Fashion Affair Magazine is associated with and These resources are why we have become the fashion lover’s choice.


April 2013 


Recently, L'Opera was a sponsor of the 2013 Academy Awards.  Everyone LOVED our skincare line.  Check out our celebrity fans!

By far the best!


Got the blues Got the winter blues? Wake up and smell the roses with this bouquet of beauty basics that will give you a head-to-toe glow you’ll fall in love with. loves our serum!


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