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  • I work in a heat-related environment such as dry cleaning, and I'm concerned about brown spots on my skin. Can you recommend an anti-brown spots cream that would be suitable for me?
    Blanchissante Skincare Protection cream is recommended due to its ability to fight brown spots and protect your skin from heat and solar rays. For faster results, you can use it in combination with Serum Concentrate Blanchissante.
  • I don't go outside in the sun a lot / I work inside the building / I am retired and spend most of my time at home.
    All of these scenarios serve as a great example of the DAY & NIGHT BLANCHISSANTE CREAM. This cream is specifically formulated for indoor use, which means it does not provide UVA-UVB filtering.
  • Can I use the DAY & NIGHT BLANCHISSANTE cream in conjunction with the SERUM CONCENTRATE BLANCHISSANTE to achieve faster results?
    Yes certainly! Using both in combination will deliver faster results.
  • My skin is highly sensitive and can easily develop an allergic reaction from chemicals. Which Blanchissante cream is right for me?
    BLANCHISSANTE SKINCARE PROTECTION cream is crafted using natural plant and fruit extracts, while the SERUM CONCENTRATE BLANCHISSANTE is also formulated with natural ingredients.
  • I have tried the BLANCHISSANTE SKINCARE PROTECTION cream along with the SERUM CONCENTRATE BLANCHISSANTE but I do not see complete results. Which Blanchissante product is right for me?
    I suggest trying the EMULSION/LIGHTEN/WHITEN or DELUXE BLANCHISSANTE DAY & NIGHT CREAM as these options are chemically stronger and known for their faster-acting properties.
    Yes, the DELUXE SERUM CONCENTRATE can be used in combination with either the EMULSION/LIGHTEN/WHITEN or the DELUXE BLANCHISSANTE CREAM.
  • I have wrinkles. Which cream should I get?
    Either the BIO SKIN REPAIR CREAM or the GINSENG CREAM would be suitable options. If you are solely concerned with treating wrinkles; I recommend choosing the BIO SKIN REPAIR CREAM. However, if you are looking to address wrinkles & skin dehydration, then the GINSENG CREAM would be the ideal choice.
  • How long will it take to see results?
    I recommend using the product for at least one month before assessing the results. It is too early to determine the effectiveness within just one or two weeks. However, after using the entire product for a month, you will have a clearer understanding of the results. It's important to note that the outcomes may differ from person to person due to individual skin factors and usage.
  • Where are your products manufactured?
    Our skincare items are manufactured in Switzerland and France, while our makeup and colors are made in France and Italy.
  • What are the international shipping costs?
    For orders outside of the country, there is a shipping fee of $25. However, for orders exceeding $200, free shipping is available for international customers.
  • I live in Australia... I live in Canada... Do you ship to these countries?
    Yes, we do ship to both Australia and Canada. Please note that all purchases will be converted to USD currency for payment. There is a $25 shipping fee, but any purchases totaling above $200 will qualify for free shipping.
  • Is there an international transaction fee?
    Our company does not charge an international transaction fee. However, it's important to note that some credit cards do apply international transaction fees while others do not. For more information on this topic, please visit the following link:
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